The Beginning

If you had asked me 5+ years ago if I would ever create a website that was purely a place for my thoughts and my job ambitions, you would have likely got a “Probably not, who has time for that?”.

And honestly, I still feel the same way, a place where I rant on about a few key details and what I might have read lately seems quite odd, but I’ve been told by a few people within the industry that it is a good way to network, and a good place to show employers that you’re serious about what you do, Which makes a good amount of sense. I would like to be an influencer at some point down the line which makes this even more critical that I get experience now, so here I am.

I plan on trying to post here at least once a fortnight, I won’t give myself a hard limit on what the post will require, but I feel I can cap my fortnight into a good paragraph or two, maybe more if I’m very proud of my events at the time.

I’ve rambled on a bit, so I’ll try keep the last fortnights worth of events short.

We’ve been working on Physics Engines in class for the last couple weeks now, I have two assignments due over the next 2 weeks, a custom physics engine from mostly scratch (OpenGL Environment) and a Unity Based Physics Simulation with a few more complicated things within it due a few days later.

The Unity Project is but easier to finish, so I’ll show off a few things to do with the OpenGL.

Scene from OpenGL Physics Engine

The above image is what I’ve submitted as my final copy of the engine (To work on the Unity Based project a bit more), The scene contains very basic elements such as SphereToPlane, SphereToSphere, BoxToBox Collisions as well as Springs and Joints setup using Hookes law with Dampening as well.

From the ImGUI Elements you may be able to see a bit more about what is setup within the scene and whats not, as it is a fairly simple simulation.

I’ve added functionality to the mouse to add/remove and connect bodies and the such, I quickly made a softbody out of Spheres and springs which isn’t all that impressive but mostly works as it should. If the case came where I had to create a Physics Engine or Use an already made one, I feel I would be more prone to use an already created one like PhysX used by Unity or other engines simply due to the time it takes to make even a simple system like this.


Above is another screenshot of the same scene with some bodies attached and moved.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂

Thanks for stopping by,

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