Professional Projects

They Were Doomed From The Beginning

August 2017 - December 2017

Started in August 2017, my Final Project of 2nd year "Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds". With a small team of Designers, Artists & Programmers, we created an Interactive Novel that involved a changing story based on actions and events taken by the player.

"They Were Doomed From The Beginning is an Interactive story with RPG elements, ever changing narrative mechanics and narrative combat. Players will draw cards from a Tarot Deck, which will determine their party of characters, weapons and magic they wield, their past, the adventures they’ll have and...their ultimate fate."



Late 2016 (Over 2 Months)

Started late in 2016, Final project 1st year "Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds". With a team of 3 Designers, 4 Artists & 2 Programmers, we created a narrative driven action/adventure vertical slice of a game.

"Nevergreen is a 2.5D platforming game, with the objective of the game to guide BEC, the main character of the game among giant forest and abandoned industrial factories in an exciting and atmospheric puzzle platformer, and discover truth behind BEC’s past and find out what happened to the world around her."