Chloe B.
Maddy (Audio)
Hanih S.
James K.
Dai-Wei D.
Connor U.


Was started in late in 2017, as my Final Project for my 1st year of "Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds". With a team of 3 Designers, 4 Artists & 2 Programmers, we created an narrative driven action/adventure vertical slice of a game.

"Nevergreen is a 2.5D platforming game, with the objective of the game to guide BEC, the main character of the game among giant forest and abandoned industrial factories in an exciting and atmospheric puzzle platformer, and discover truth behind BEC’s past and find out what happened to the world around her."


The game treads the line between industrial and natural, and asks the question, where does one end and the other begin. A colourful palette and simple artstyle communicate the supposed innocence of the gigantic forest growing around you, and the harsh lines and dulled tones of the industrial environments adds darker tones to overall theme of the game.

The player progresses through the level as a robot after awakening from a long idle processes, with corrupt memory, the player must progress through the game to remember and restore her lost memory. The game progresses as they encounter puzzles and obstacles, the player will find more and more unique robotic modules the player can attach to each arm. Each different module provides her with a new ability or power, all can either be used one armed for a small but useful effect, or by attaching the same module to both arms, provides a powered up version for additional effect.

A minimal focus on actual enemies, the platforming and puzzle solving revolve around environmental hazards and navigation based challenges.


I've since lost the final release build of the project in a Hard-drive fault, and the Updates to unity have since rendered the project with many errors, I've included some concept art, textures from the final game, and a trailer video one of the designers produced.