They Were Doomed From The Beginning

They Were Doomed from the Beginning 

Started in August 2017, as my Final Project for my 2nd year of "Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds". With a small team of Designers, Artists & Programmers, we created an Interactive Novel that involved a changing story based on actions and events taken by the player.

The Project was created in C# for Unity, amassing a total time of about 4 months of development from Pre-Production to Release. A total of 7 people worked on this project, with 5 of them being full-time. The team involved were 1 Programmer, 1 Artist & 3 Designers, with 2  additional Artists who assisted with some assets.

"They Were Doomed From The Beginning is an Interactive story with RPG elements, ever changing narrative mechanics and narrative combat. Players will draw cards from a Tarot Deck, which will determine their party of characters, weapons and magic they wield, their past, the adventures they’ll have and...their ultimate fate."

My Involvement

All the programming work involved with this project, except for a few assets which were purchased/used from the unity store. Unity Assets used: TextMesh Pro, Outline Effect, Save Game Pro (I created the save/load friendly classes).

Everything, excluding the core assets itself, was programmed by myself.

Ingame Footage

Programmed Credit Scene

Core Game Mechanics

  1. Character and Item Tarot Card system
  2. Event System
  3. Variable Narrative System
  4. Ticker System

James K. (Programmer)
Kat C. (Art)
Alison L. (Artist)
Chloe B. (Artist)
Connor U. (Designer/Writer)
Dai-Wei D. (Designer/Writer/Producer)
Ebony M. (Designer/Writer)


The player turns pages, selects and flips tarot cards and interacts with items and the interactive panels with a cursor. In these interactive panels there are looping animations to set the scene, narrative choices visually displayed, and animations of combat outcomes. All of these will feature simple and intuitive controls which only require the user to know how to use a mouse.

Why I Made This

There were a number of game pitches, too many to be exact, if all the projects that were pitched went forward, there would have been little over 1 programmer in each team, which would have been impossible for a lot of projects without a huge amount of re-scoping, my team inevitably was the only project to go forward with one programmer.

I chose to join this team for it's uniqueness, as with all the other projects, the pitch summed up the goal fairly easily, not in a bad way, but in a "Its been done" kind of way, Doomed from the Beginning was something different, and not a game I would typically play, but put me outside my comfort zone, a lot of what makes this game work is by working discretely, the player shouldn't be able to tell that there is a lot of background work going on to provide their story.

Although being the only programmer for this project did constrain a lot of great possibilities for this project, another month of development on this project could have shown a lot. The end outcome of the project was acceptable, and I wish all my fellow team members the best in their endeavours.


Release Build