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A game and software developer, actively programming for over 6 years now, with hobby work going as far back as 13 years ago, including a Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds which will be completed by the end of 2019.

Primary experiences have been with C# and & C++ with minor experience with several common languages such as PHP, SQL and Javascript. My main experience with game engines has been within the Unity Game Engine, in both solo and team environments.

At the time of writing, my current development project is "Quest Overseer" a quest management asset for the Unity Engine which hopes to simplify quests within games, and enable developers to quickly add more complicated game logic without much additional scripting. Aside from the Overseer, I have also released two major public projects, ‘Doomed from the Beginning’ and ‘Nevergreen’ which were apart of my 1st and 2nd year projects while studying, links below can provide more information.

Past Project Titles

Previous Employment

Coles - Delicatessen Staff (April 2012 - Present)

Involved with - Team Management, Delivery Unloading, Customer Service, Ordering and other retail experiences.


Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds (2016-2019)

Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology ICA30111 (2015-2015)

Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology ICA20111 (2014-2014)

TAFE NSW- Sydney Institute Higher Education

Certificate II in Business BSB20107 (2011-2011)

Technical Experience


C++ (11, 14), C#, Unity


Basic Unreal Engine, Valve Hammer Editor (Team Fortress 2 Map Production), Perforce, Html, CSS, PHP, SQL
Version Control (GitHub, Sourcetree)


A General understanding of Agile Methodologies such as SCRUM, with some knowledge in Extreme Programming & Crystal Methods.


Operate and Manage Team Fortress 2 Game Servers since 2012
- Design & Develop plugins to alter game-play for them.
- Customized a Map in Hammer.

Play Bass Guitar, Interested in Learning Cello

Local Geocaching

Currently enjoying Factorio Friday Facts

Struggling to complete Infinifactory & Wasting too much time on Creeper World 3