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About Me

A software developer with a strong lean into the game industry, currently positioned in ACT of Australia. Actively programming for over 5 years, with hobby work going as far back as 12 years, with my strongest languages involving C#, followed by C++. Most of my game development experience has been within Unity, however, some experience with Unreal, with a faint understanding of OpenGL. Releasing two major public projects, ‘Doomed from the Beginning’ and ‘Nevergreen’ with links to each below.

Project Titles

Previous Employment

Coles - Delicatessen Staff (April 2012 - Present)

Involved with - Team Management, Unloading Deliveries, Customer Service, FIFO, Ordering and a variety of retail experiences.


Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds (2016-2018)

Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology ICA30111 (2015-2015)

Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology ICA20111 (2014-2014)

TAFE NSW- Sydney Institute Higher Education

Certificate II in Business BSB20107 (2011-2011)

Technical Experience


C++ (11, 14), C#, Unity


Unreal Engine, Valve Hammer Editor (Team Fortress 2 Map Production), Perforce, Html, CSS, PHP, SQL


A General understanding of Agile Methodologies such as SCRUM, with some knowledge in Extreme Programming & Crystal Methods.


Operate and Manage Team Fortress 2 Game Servers since 2012
  - Design & Develop plugins to alter game-play for them.
  - Customized a Map in Hammer.

Play Bass Guitar, Interested in Learning Cello

Local Geocaching

Currently enjoying Factorio's Friday Facts

Struggling to complete Infinifactory & Wasting too much time on Creeper World 3