Side Projects

A one week Game Jam hosted by UDC (Unity Developer Community), the theme was Gravity and I chose to create a fairly simple game. The final product was a bit rushed, as it was made between work and other projects, but I am happy with how it turned out. While some aspects of the game could be improved, I learnt a fair bit in regard to how well 2D Rigidbodies handle within Unity compared to 3D and made use of object recycling so that I was not constantly destroying objects.

Once the game starts playing, no objects are destroyed from the Scene, they're created as required, but then put into a queue to be recycled. I utilized the references stored by 2D Rigidbodies for object names which when instantiated were given a GUID which I could then reference through a couple dictionaries when disabling and moving the objects into their respective queues which ran quite well.

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Started in mid-2015 for the game "Team Fortress 2", for Community driven servers, This has involved areas including Php, Sql, Javascript, SourceMod & communication with API's including the Steam Web API which allowed queries for additional information displayed on the WebPage front of the project.


Casual SimplyTF Day

SimplyTF (Team Fortress 2 Servers)


Since August of 2012, SimplyTF has existed as a casual public server, with over tens of thousands of unique players connecting to the servers over the years. Either to play more competitively or to just mess around within the community.

Over the years, as my programming has improved, I've developed private plugins for the servers, including a Gravity Manager based on players stored preference, a competitive Jump Timer, Chat tag handler, and a variety of customized plugins.

Game Jam October 2017 at AIE Canberra, where I worked in a small team of 7 people, 2.5 Designers, 3 Programmers & 1.5 Artists with the odd theme "We need it back".