AIE Canberra, Oct 2017 GameJam

AIE Canberra, October 2017 Game Jam

I was involved in a 48 hour Game Jam with the theme "We need to get it back", with a team size of about 7 people, 2.5 Designers, 3 Programmers and 1.5 Artists.

Due to the very broad theme, our teams conversation was very varied until we started making jokes, and eventually landed on a worthy game idea, with little documentation to hold onto. I've pinched the brief design document for the following information.

Game Name
Game Type
Side Scroller -  Run’n’Gun
Modern day LA, overun by ACTUAL dinosaurs
Some mad scientist decided to bring back dinosaurs and set them loose in LA. Now Jeff Goldblum who is already fed up with those pesky dinosaurs must kill them all to get the old classic LA life back.

As you can probably tell, this was a very 'serious' project, a bunch of fun was had considering it was my first game jam, I'll hopefully attend more if work loads pan out in my favor. 

My involvement in this game was Implementing the 5 Weapons, the Pickup/Drop system, Bullets, Particle effects and the Gun HUD element.  Additionally, I created the Enemy Spawners which spawn enemies faster over time based on the Players score.

You can find images and a download to the final Windows build below.


Released Build