Personal & Competitive Jump Timer

Personal & Competitive Jump Timer

This Project was started in mid-2015 for the game Team Fortress 2, the project itself has involved a few areas such as Php, Sql, Javascript & SourceMod with communication between the Steam Web API for additional information on the WebPage front of the project.

I run a small number of community servers as a hobby, one of the servers is apart of the Jump Community built around the game, This Timer plugin I've created in SourceMod tracks players who play on the server passively communicating with the user on improvements to their times of maps they've already completed, and congratulating new users on their first completion of maps.

For those who are more competitive, there is the option to use a command to enter a more strict timer mode which will present the players time publically to those playing the map, and users compete to have the fastest time on a map, with 3 runner up times also possible to be achieved.

For some more details about the plugin, I made a blog post as I was developing the early webpage, the blog itself is quite crude, but has some additional information for those interested which can be found Here.

For those interested in the Jump scene of Team Fortress 2, a Majority of the community communicate on the website.

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